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What trends will become a thing of the past and what will replace them? Below is a list of the innovative web design trends that will be used by leading digital marketing agencies.

Web design spain

Flexible vector graphics

The main source of aesthetics in any web design is multimedia. A web page that contains interesting illustrations or photos always receives a better rating.

The problem with GIFs and PNG images is that they lose quality when resized. In order to solve this, the trend is towards vector illustration.

The SVG format allows the image to be resized to fit the screen while maintaining the quality of the original graphics. Now this format will be a critical trend for both adaptability and web design in general.


Asymmetrical design trends

For many years, web designs have been built on a grid. This is a great approach that helps simplify the structure and focus on key elements. On the other hand, this reduces the uniqueness of the site, therefore, the coming trend is asymmetrical design.


Asymmetry is an opportunity to change traditions and move towards brutalism, individuality, unstable energy and fun.


However, even here, designers must strike a balance. To create a sense of balance, user testing must be done. The goal is that no part of the page should seem "heavier" than the others. For example, the image should not be much larger than the text block.


But how do you draw attention to key elements if they are not in the grid? It is important to remember here that, regardless of the focus, the viewer's eyes always fixate on large elements. Therefore, in asymmetrical design, it is enough to increase the size of the blocks on which you want to focus attention.


Soft shadows and floating elements

One of the best ways to capture the user's attention is to load the video in the background of the main screen. Today, technology still makes it possible to combine this approach with high page loading speed, especially for mobile devices. The question remains: how to use SVG illustrations and, at the same time, ensure the volume of images?


The answer lies in the use of soft shadows and floating image elements make the web design layered and more interesting. It also increases the depth of design elements.


This effect can be used to design:

- body text

- headings

- Individual images and illustrations

- Active buttons


In other words, add shadows and floating effects to any web design element. The most important thing is to make it aesthetically pleasing in comparison to the general background. With this approach, designers can dilute the uniformity of SVG illustrations and make the design more unique.


Multimedia ands graphics

Using real photos mixed with illustrations or graphics creates an individual site message. Regardless of whether you take a photo of a product or a person, it will help with brand retention. It's also a great way to stand out from the crowd.


Overlaying graphic elements with a photograph creates a special visual effect.


These blends are universal:

- They can be used to add appeal.

- They dilute complex attributes, allowing abstract concepts to be conveyed.

- It's a way to personalize images and add personality.


Data analytics

The user has started to rely more and more on analytics and its results. As a result, IT managers are striving to increase the role of information design frameworks. In addition, CRO, which helps us to measure and optimize our web conversion ratio. With a highly analytical component.


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Published in 9/9/2021 on 360 Marketing

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