Paid media in 360° advertising strategies

Paid media is a term that has been used for years and can be defined as: Paid Media (formerly Paid Search) Paid media, also known as Paid Search or Paid Search Marketing, comprises the subset of SEM that deals with search engine advertising. It includes both Google Ads and other advertising solutions and programmes.

Paid media in 360° advertising strategies

The term Paid Media is also used to indicate that the different advertising media (PPC, banners, etc.) are part of the same advertising strategy.

An Internet marketing strategy without adding all these online media together would be incomplete and therefore very limited in its effectiveness. In addition to this meaning, there is also a very important strategic dimension to the term Paid Media.

In this sense, it indicates that different advertising media can be part of a single strategy and should therefore not be presented as individual strategies to enhance a company's or brand's digital marketing campaign.

Paid media for conversion

If we are looking for a conversion-oriented advertising strategy, there are digital channels that facilitate this objective. In addition to search engines, which have been used for years as a direct response advertising medium, there are digital marketing channels such as social media and comparison shopping sites.

If we are looking for a more traditional form of advertising with the aim of raising awareness of a company or brand, which channels should we use?

The answer to this question depends on the type of advertising objective we want to achieve, as well as the specific resources (budget, staff, etc.) we have available to carry out the campaign. We can choose only one or two digital marketing media or combine different media to achieve our objectives.

Google Advertising

Google Advertising has different variants, all of them designed to make the advertiser's job easier and to reach customers who are more likely to be interested in their products.

Google Shopping Google Shopping allows you to present your products in attractive formats, which make it easier for users to find what they are looking for thanks to certain filters that allow you to display.

Programmatic advertising

An advertising strategy can include different paid channels. One of the most recent developments is the use of programmatic media buying, which consists of buying advertising impressions through real-time auctions. The ability to make automated decisions based on various criteria is one of the strengths of this type of digital marketing decision making.

The Internet allows us to observe behaviour and track it, which we can then use to target specific segments.


Another innovative development in paid media is Digital Out of Home, a form of outdoor digital display advertising. The use of this type of advertising allows us to capture the attention of the public in order to promote awareness and interest. In addition, it also has a certain degree of memorability as people can interact with this type of advertisement.

Television advertising

Beyond classic TV advertising, the new digital age in television allows us to approach this advertising in new formats, such as Netflix. But we can also use it in forms such as sponsored content and product placement.

Branded content

Content advertising is a form of paid media that allows companies to offer the public information of interest and value, which not only avoids commercial breaks, but can also enhance brand image and brand awareness.

The new generation of advertising in Spain

Associated with all these paid digital media is influencer marketing. An emerging form of advertising is the use of celebrities to advertise products and services, which reinforces the commitment acquired by brands with their customers.

Thanks to Paid Media 360 we can have a wider variety of options for our advertising strategy, not only through search engines.


Paid Media 360 (Paid Media) is much more than a digital advertising strategy, as it brings together several different channels and allows us to address the customer buying process in its different stages. The implementation of such a flexible and adaptable campaign will allow companies or brands to achieve their objectives by capturing the attention and interest of users in a centralised way.

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Published in 8/2/2022 on 360 Marketing

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