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Interim Management in Spain. Business Consulting. 

Interim Manager

Also called head renting, the interim manager is a very popular job figure today. It consists of a person with proven experience in specific business areas whose hiring is intended to manage periods of change and crisis or any situation that represents a special challenge for the company.

They are people who move into interim management positions, with a clearly defined mission, and, on the one hand, must have the ability to adapt to the organizational culture of the company, while on the other hand, must also incorporate new visions, methods and strategies that allow the company to meet its objectives.

Rent an Executive?

The advantages of outsourcing the management role for a certain period of time or seeking a more helpful vision are countless, but here are some of the main ones:

  • We have a professional with experience and training with a clear strategic vision that will provide us with their knowledge to achieve the objectives set.
  • Since he or she does not previously belong to the company's business structure, the Interim Manager is able to visualize situations with greater neutrality and objectivity.
  • It allows the incorporation of new strategies and ideas into the organizational culture that the company already has.
  • It increases the value of the team that the company already has, by not seeking to replace it, but to complement it with new and more modern tools.
  • It has a great capacity to adapt, so it can easily be incorporated into the procedures of all types of organizations.
  • Interim managers try to maximize the ROI of the companies, because their professional success depends directly on the efficiency in the achievement of objectives.

Business Consulting

Within all the areas of specialization for the advising of the Companies and SMEs, from Inprofit we have management teams to offer the service of Interim Manager in 3 departments.

Business Strategy

The business strategy allows both SMEs and large corporations to set specific business objectives. In order to work day by day to achieve them in the long term. At the same time, it must allow for the achievement of certain levels of financial performance for the company.

  • Achieve a highly competitive or leading market position in the sector.
  • Develop growth, either at the level of company size, scope of action or by expanding into new territories.
  • Achieve the greatest possible economic benefit.


Define action plans, dissemination channels, know who our client is and what he needs.

With an effective management of the Marketing department we will be able to increase the brand awareness of our company and with this increase in sales.


Nowadays, a competitive company cannot be conceived without a technological plan in accordance with this, and for this reason we must maintain a constant commitment to innovation and technology.

In Inprofit we have digital advisors approved by the ministry to meet the technological challenge of digitization of companies.

Interim Management in Spain. Business Consulting.

We want to be your strategic partner and help you in the management of your company.

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