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Digital Marketing Agency in Alicante, Valencia and Spain 

Paid Media

Paid Media is the media in which the advertiser conducts paid campaigns to gain visibility in their ads. They are usually used in social network campaigns or in campaigns such as:

Google Ads

Google Ads is Google's pay per click platform that includes text, image and video ads on Youtube and more. Display your ads on the world's largest search engine.


Real Time Bidding is a great option for online advertising, especially if your objective is Branding Awareness or Prospecting with such precise segmentation of the target. It also allows you to carry out Display, Video, Audio and/or Native Advertising campaigns in a programmatic way.


98% of users do not convert in their first visit to a website, with this high figure it is not enough to generate traffic to the website.

Thanks to retargeting campaigns, we can repeatedly hit the same users to get them down the conversion funnel until the goal is achieved.

Native Advertising

Native Advertising is a new, less intrusive online advertising channel that does not interfere with the user's navigation and experience.

Proximity Ads

Proximity Ads is a local marketing solution that is revolutionizing advertising platforms with improved geographic targeting and customizable campaign parameters by location. Ideal advertising to encourage direct drive.

Digital Marketing Agency in Alicante, Valencia and Spain

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