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Publicidad Programatica con objetivo Branding


Branding campaigns, that's all they say about your brand. They are Online Advertising actions oriented to build values, increase notoriety and brand perception.

Campañas de Publicidad Online Programatica con objetivo Prospecting


Prospecting is a work process that aims to attract potential customers. In online advertising, prospecting consists of placing ads on third party websites.

Campaña de Publicidad Programatica con Objetivo conversión online - Performance


The main objective of a performance-oriented campaign is to achieve conversions, that is, to get users to carry out the main objective of our website, whether it be filling out a form, making a reservation or making a purchase.


Programmatic Advertising or Programmatic Buying is the technological and intelligent way to advertise online, since advertisers bid for ads to be shown only to users with a specific segmentation or even a specific target profile.

It allows the advertisements to be shown to the like-minded person.

Within the Programmatic we can highlight:


Within the programming, the RTB is a line of Online Advertising that focuses on Display, Video or Audio campaigns that thanks to the Big Data and the information that we have from the user in real time about each visit to a website allows us, instead of paying a fixed cost per thousand impressions, to pay for each impression based on an auction in real time between different advertisers and adjust the price to the real value.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is one of the least intrusive digital media available for paid advertising campaigns, as these ads are integrated into the medium where they are appearing, maintaining a similar look and feel to make the user's reading more natural.

Native ads can often appear to be recommended content from the same web page where they are being shown.

Retargeting - Remarketing

Retargeting, also known as Remarketing, is one of the most recommended Paid Media actions for Conversion Campaign Objectives. The purpose of Retargeting is to attract potential Leads or Potential Customers who have visited our website or ecommerce but have not achieved the final goal of conversion. With this Online Advertising strategy we can impact users who have previously accessed the website and follow them until they complete the objective we have set.

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Programmatic Advertising has an 80% market share in countries like the United States, United Kingdom or Canada. It is one of the advertising actions present in the annual Marketing budgets.

Prospecting Campaign

Prospecting is the star strategy of many programmatic marketing campaigns and all those companies that have their goals set in the future should take it into account in their business decisions. In this strategy, the algorithm makes a study of all the users of the site, analyzing many variables per user and creating a common profile. This profile will guide the algorithm to begin the search for new users with the same characteristics, with the ultimate goal of bringing them to the web. One of the advantages of this type of strategy is that it works through "Machine Learning", i.e., the platform learns and profiles the user's characteristics in a much more adjusted way so that it can finally bring traffic to the website with a higher probability of conversion. 


A very effective tool together with the Prospecting campaign is Retargeting. With it, we can impact again the users who have already shown interest by entering a web page and have not ended up doing the expected action. In this way, we remember that we are there.

Beneficios de una campaña de Prospecting

  • Increase your business' income
  • Promotion of your products/services
  • Attraction of potential customers or leads
  • Brand awareness


Branding Campaign

Branding as such is defined as the process by which a brand is built. It encompasses all those tangible and intangible elements that revolve around the brand with the aim of transmitting certain values. The main objective of a Brading strategy is to extend the brand in the market, position it as a reference and place it in the minds of consumers. Branding is necessary for any company, since it is the identity of your business and it is necessary to consolidate the brand, achieve prestige, recognition and consequently sales, especially in digital communication platforms.

What results do I get from a branding campaign?

  • Define the competitive advantage of your business
  • Designing a competent brand strategy with strategies based on marketing techniques
  • Positioning the brand in the market
  • Positioning in users' minds


Why Inprofit?

In Inprofit we help you to create a Branding action plan from 0 and to create all the visual elements and graphic representations that are projected to the public and that define your business, in any type of Branding campaign.


Display Campaign

Display advertising is an online advertising format in which ads are displayed in the form of banners. These banners can carry content in either image, text, video or interactive formats. Usually, it is the type of banner that appears on a website at the top or side. There are different types of payment for this type of advertising, depending on the objectives of the business and/or the specific campaign.

Display campaign benefits

  • Results can be constantly measured and optimized.
  • An effective segmentation
  • Formats with very striking designs
  • They are ideal campaigns to combine with Retargeting and achieve very good results.
  • Great adaptability in any type of format


Why Inprofit?

In Inprofit we have professionals specialized in the bidding system and in the analysis and optimization of results. Our Display campaigns are continuously monitored by professionals and we also take care of the graphic resources.

Ask us how we can improve the visibility of your business and make it grow