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What is Digital Transformation?

The digital transformation is nothing less than adapting our companies to the technological revolution in which we are immersed. It is happening in all areas, in fact, we all have telephones with computer features, televisions with Wifi, browsers, cars that drive themselves, etc. But it seems that at a personal level we assume it better, at a company level it costs much more to implement, although it is also true that other factors influence.

Technological Consulting for Business in Spain

Digital Transformation Objective

It is not taken into account that in this globalized world with an excessive increase in competition and with changing markets it is essential to be more and more competitive as well as being able to adapt quickly to the tastes and needs of our customers.

To do this it is essential to introduce technology that improves our internal processes, to automate operations, to eliminate duplication and errors that will ultimately result in reduced costs, improved production and faster delivery of our products and services to our customers.

Mixing Technology and Marketing

Let's not forget that the digital transformation is linked to a well-defined marketing strategy that allows to determine exactly the direction in which the company wants to evolve, besides being responsible for communicating the improvements both internally and externally to our customers and also the image we give to the outside through social networks, web, advertising, etc.

Technology tool of differentiation

Finally, we would like to add that in this digital transformation, apart from organizational improvement and cost reduction, we are trying to provide the company with tools that allow our clients to interact better with us so that their perception of our company is better and therefore we have a differentiating factor over our competition. In addition and very important, to make that in all the levels of our company there is the information that is needed at every moment to facilitate the decision making so much to managerial level as in the measure of his responsibility to every department of the company.

This is precisely the function of INPROFIT, to help the companies, always advising from an impartial, external and professional vision in matters of technology, marketing and strategy, looking for the best solution at the best price.

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Technological Consulting for Business in Spain


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