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Oficial Provider of Nespra IoT Smart devices in Spain 

IoT Solutions for Smart Hotels

Smart Hotel 

It allows those responsible for maintenance and services in hotels to control the quality of facilities, temperatures, pressure, air quality, vehicle occupancy levels, spills, cold rooms and door opening among others in real time.

IoT Solutions for Smart Gas Station

Smart Gas Station

It allows the people in charge of the service stations to control the level of the fuel tanks, temperature, pressure, air quality, spills, cold chambers and opening of doors among others in real time.

IoT Solutions for Smart Buildings

Smart Building

IoT solution for Smart Building with plug & play sensors and integrated management platform all in one for buildings, offices, stores and environments of any size for analysis and control of indoor data in real time.

IoT Solutions for Smart Environment

Smart Environment 

It allows public administrations and companies to have a complete solution for the motorization of multiple parameters related to the quality of the environment to help make decisions on environmental policy.

Industrial IoT Solutions for Industry

Smart Industry

Enables a fast, secure and economical way to drive industry connectivity into data-based models to create new benefits in organizations.

IoT Solutions for Agriculture

Smart Agriculture

It enables a fast, secure and economical way to drive connectivity in plantations to data-based models to create new benefits in connected organizations that drive our economy in any sector, helping to improve processes, quality and operations.

IoT Solutions for Water systems

Smart Water 

Allows water and wastewater utilities to collect and analyze real-time data, identify actions and optimize steps, to streamline operations.

IoT Solutions for Smart Cities

Smart City

We use technology that allows us to quickly, safely and economically push cities towards data-based models to create new, connected urban environments that drive sustainability, environmental quality and safety, helping to improve citizens' quality of life.

IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions with smart devices Connect

Connect sensors to Nesmote and centralize information in the cloud.

IoT Solutions in real time Analyze

Start receiving data from the sensor network in real time.

Improve your results with IoT Improve

Improve your production processes with the information received.

IoT Hardware Infrastructure


Built with a LoRaWAN data transmission module, it is developed to create low power wide area networks needed for machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.


Wireless Nesgates with LoRaWAN technology collect all the information, wirelessly, from the sensors and send it to the cloud (Neslcoud) via Ethernet or 4G connection.

IoT Software Infrastructure


The system of monitoring your data in real time that allows you to access all the information from any device since all the data is stored in a secure cloud system.

Smart Devices

Inprofit's Intelligent Devices IoT allow us to develop and innovate in technologies that facilitate data collection in a fast, agile and simple way, we can make people, processes and machines converge naturally in a new paradigm, creating new data in environments where it was never possible before.

The main objective is to make it easier for companies to manage and administer sensor networks, for which we have created an end to end solution that is flexible, secure and adaptable to the specific needs of each client.

IoT sector applications

The versatility of application of the IoT depending on the sector is infinite, depending on the information to be shown it allows you to develop unthinkable projects from cities to agriculture.

Technology Consulting

We develop national and international IoT projects with the latest technological solutions on the market. We connect your data.

Official Nespra Distributor

Inprofit is an official distributor of Nespra's IoT solutions and has digital advisors approved by the ministry to meet the technological challenge of digitizing companies.

Technological Project Management and Consulting in Spain

Technological Project Management 

Control the execution of the IT Project by a Project Manager.

Web Design and Ecommerce Marketing Agency in Spain

Web Design and Ecommerce

Create your website or Ecommerce and connect it with your Dropshipping provider.

Industry and Robotics Consulting Spain. Technological Consulting

Industry and Robotics Consulting

Optimize the productive processes and the connectivity of the companies.

Strategic Marketing Agency and business consulting in Spain

Strategic Marketing 

Define your Marketing and Sales strategy to achieve real objectives.

Feasibility and Location Study Consulting in Spain

Feasibility and Location Study

Does your business have the best location to achieve the best results?

Business Expansion Consuting in Spain

Business Expansion

Create new points of sale and internationalise your company to expand the boundaries of your business.

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