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The term Martech refers to the technology applied and merged to marketing, being these two concepts that are currently acquiring more strength by the technological changes and the transfer of customers to the digital world.

Martech benefits

Thanks to Martech we can improve the effectiveness of campaigns by simplifying the decision making process as performance can be monitored; improve segmentation and therefore know the target audience better and can launch much more effective campaigns and finally, achieve positive results in a short time as they are constantly updated.

Through Martech, our clients can obtain better results in their marketing campaigns and can segment their audience more precisely and with a better conversion ratio

Martech Trends

Within the Martech sector there are 6 large fields where its maximum potential is obtained:

  • Social
  • Experience and Content
  • Sales
  • Data
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Management


Martech Agency - Marketing and technology


Conoce información de los servios de marketing digital

In Inprofit we bet for a transversal knowledge between the Marketing and the Digital Transformation of the companies.

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