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of users do not search more than the first 5 results of Google.


of the clicks is done only on the first page of results.


of purchases start at Google.

SEO web Marketing Agency in Spain 

Search Engine Optimization

From Inprofit we not only develop web positioning strategies but we open the range of possibilities to market trends, SEO positioning exists and will exist but consumer behavior changes and we with it. Know the possibilities of positioning for mobile APPs or in Amazon.


SEO positioning is the foundation on which almost any digital strategy is built. If you have your website well positioned for the main keywords in your sector, it will generate a continuous flow of visits that you will use for your online marketing strategies.

ASO Positioning

ASO (App Store Optimization) is the SEO of Apps. Optimizing an app to be among the first results when the user searches in the app stores is a different process than web SEO.

Amazon Positioning

The trend is that when the user searches for a certain product, he no longer searches, at least as much, in Google and he searches in specialized webs such as Amazon. Product positioning on Amazon also exists.

End to end marketing Agency in Spain

Why Inprofit?

A task as complex as SEO positioning, with changes in Google's algorithm every 6 months requires an effort by the company to implement all updates and be constantly active, so putting it in the hands of professionals and outsource the service, will get you more time and you can focus your efforts on the main task of your business.

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