Digital Signage is here to stay

The digital transformation has meant that everyone, people and companies, are immersed in this 2.0 world and we must take advantage of the technologies available to us.

Digital Signage is here to stay

Networked digital displays are becoming more and more common. Today, it is essential to have a digital signage solution at the point of sale to reach customers. The digital transformation has meant that everyone, people and companies, are immersed in this 2.0 world and we must take advantage of the technologies available to us.

What exactly does digital signage consist of?

Although the first digital screens began to be seen in the 90s, it was at the end of the 2000s when its use really became popular and companies specialising in the development of this technology began to emerge.

It was first used in a clothing shop in the UK and has been proven to increase sales and improve the customer experience.

It is a content management system that allows messages on screens to be updated and controlled via the network. It can be programmed automatically or manually, as required. In addition, it offers the possibility of integrating other media such as sounds, videos and animations to make the content displayed on the screens more attractive.

This solution is ideal for any type of business that wants to increase sales and improve communication with customers at a point of sale. You can show offers, promotions, news or any type of message you want to convey to the public in a dynamic and attractive environment.

Digitalisation is increasingly present in our lives, so why not take advantage of all the technological tools available to us in our business? The digital signage solution is an option that cannot be overlooked if we want to be at the forefront and differentiate ourselves from the competition. Imagine the possibilities it offers to improve your business!

Benefits of Digital Signage in your business

  • Improved communication and customer experience.
  • Possibility to update content quickly and easily.
  • Increase sales thanks to attractive offers and promotions.
  • Stand out from the competition and show a modern and technological image.
  • Greater control and optimisation of sales space.
  • Possibility of integrating other media such as video and sound.
  • Easy monitoring and measurement of results.

LCD or LED display?

When it comes to the digital signage solution, there are two options when it comes to displays: LCD or LED display. Both types have their pros and cons, but in general the LED display offers higher image quality, higher brightness and better visibility from wider angles. It also tends to have a longer life span than the LCD screen.

However, it is important to consider the budget and the specific needs of each business before deciding on one type of display over the other.

Types of digital displays


It depends on the needs and characteristics of the business. If it is a space with low light and where high brightness is not necessary, you could opt for an LCD screen. But if high visibility from different angles is required, an LED display would be more appropriate.

What about outdoors?

Depending on whether it is the interior or exterior of a business, it is advisable to use screens with different brightness levels and viewing angles.

For indoors, a medium brightness level and a smaller viewing angle is sufficient, whereas for outdoors it is important to use screens with a higher brightness level and viewing angle to ensure better viewing of content in outdoor conditions, such as direct sunlight.

In addition, it is advisable to protect outdoor displays with a sturdy, shock-proof casing.

In any case, it is always important to take into account the specific characteristics and needs of the business before deciding which type of display to use.

Content for digital signage

The content used in the digital signage solution can vary depending on the needs and objectives of the business. Some options include product information, promotions or news, as well as entertainment or educational content for the audience.

It is important to plan and organise the content strategically, using different formats such as images, videos or animations. In addition, it is advisable to update content regularly to keep viewers interested and attract their attention.

The digital signage solution also offers the opportunity to interact with the audience through the screen, for example by using polls or interactive games.

In short, there are many options and creative ways to use the digital signage solution in your business to improve communication and increase sales, so dare to innovate and take advantage of the full potential of this technology!

Marketing strategies that work best with Digital Signal

Some marketing strategies that can work well with the digital signage solution include offering special promotions and discounts, displaying content related to specific events or seasons, and using the screen to interact with the audience through polls or games. It is also important to plan and organise content strategically, and update it regularly to keep viewers engaged.

  • Special promotions and discounts: Offering exclusive promotions and discounts through the display can attract customers and increase sales.
  • Content related to specific events or seasons: displaying content relevant to the moment - showing special offers on screen can attract customers and increase sales.Events and seasons: displaying content related to relevant events or seasons, such as Christmas or Valentine's Day, can be an effective way to attract customers.
  • Audience interaction: using the screen to conduct polls or interactive games can increase audience interaction and enhance their experience at the point of sale.
  • Strategic planning and organisation of content: Presenting well-planned and organised content can be more effective in attracting audience attention and generating sales.
  • Regular updating of content: maintaining a regularity in updating content can help to maintain viewers' interest and attract their attention.

Artificial Intelligence applied to Digital Signage

Artificial Intelligence can also be used in the digital signage solution to improve its effectiveness. AI can be used to analyse data and patterns of audience behaviour, as well as to personalise and adapt display content in real time. In addition, AI can help optimise content planning and organisation, as well as improve efficiency in display management and administration. In short, using AI in the digital signage solution can increase its effectiveness and help improve business results.

Effective examples of digital signage

Some examples of effective use of digital signage solutions include the use of interactive screens in retail outlets to improve customer experience and increase sales, as well as the use of screens in airports and train stations to display useful and up-to-date information to the public. Displays have also been used in hospitals to improve communication and efficiency in internal processes, as well as in museums to provide educational content to the public.

The digital signage solution has also been used successfully in advertising campaigns and events, displaying dynamic and engaging content to the public. But a well-known and widespread example is the fast food brands Mcdonals and Burger King, which have used digital signage in their restaurants to display offers and promotions, thus increasing sales.

Digital signage solutions for businesses

The digital signage solution can be used by a variety of businesses, from retailers and restaurants to hospitals and airports. It offers the opportunity to improve communication with the public and increase sales, as well as harnessing technology and maximising its potential. In addition, using AI in the digital signage solution can increase its effectiveness and improve business results.

At Inprofit, we offer customised digital signage solutions for businesses, as well as training and consultancy in its implementation and application.

Published in 15/11/2022 on 360 Marketing

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