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Programmatic and RTB

Programmatic Advertising is the most optimized way to advertise online, based on socio-demographic and interest segmentation, user behavior and conduct to make impressions of the ads.

The purchase of Programmatic Advertising is based on all the information that exists about the users. By taking into account their online behavior and interests, advertisers ensure that the advertising reaches their personal buyer (target audience).

In order to achieve a personalized audience impact, the purchase of programmatic advertising is based on the RTB (Real Time Bidding) system, which relates the media with the advertisers and the users.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing (or online marketing) is all those actions and promotional, advertising or commercial strategies that seek to provide visibility, brand awareness and increased sales through media and Internet channels.

Among the main channels:

Digital Marketing Agency in Alicante, Valencia and Spain
  • Web Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Web SEO Optimization
  • Paid Media
  • Lead Generation
  • CRO

Having a well-defined plan is a great opportunity for growth, positioning, sales and customer acquisition.

Strategic Marketing

It is one of the variants of marketing that focuses on planning the strategy and direction that the company should follow in the medium and long term.

Different techniques of market and competition analysis are used to detect opportunities that allow companies to continue growing and to make a difference with respect to competitors and taking into account consumer trends and tastes.

It is about being proactive to the market, that is, instead of producing massively and then thinking about how to sell it, strategic marketing tries to first analyze what the market situation, the competition and the consumers are, and based on those results define a road map to elaborate the products and services according to the opportunities detected.

We rely on tools such as:

  • Target Definition
  • Market Analysis
  • Competence Study

In this way we can set clear objectives and identify opportunities.

Emotional Marketing

This last variant of marketing is focused on emotions, a scientific marketing that directly attacks the irrational part of the consumer.

4 pillars of emotional marketing

  1. Brand-consumer affection.
  2. Experiences, sensations and emotions.
  3. Engagement (Lovemark).
  4. Content Marketing.

This is where we must create with the consumer a unique experience through neuromarketing supported by sensory marketing strategy:

  • Olfactory Marketing
  • Visual Marketing
  • Kinesthetic Marketing

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