Advertising Agency in Spain

The advertising sector in Spain has the best Advertising, Marketing and Communication Agencies, making this sector one of the most important and recognised nationally and internationally.

Advertising Agency in Spain

Definition of Advertising Agency in Spain

An advertising agency is a company of professionals and creatives, who develop their skills in the field of marketing and advertising.

Its main function is to get consumers to choose the products, goods and services that the advertiser proposes, through advertising or to influence their ideas of consumption.

Through communication agencies offer their clients different services and forms of advertising:


 Marketing and communication consultancy

  • Digital marketing.  
  • Production and dissemination.
  • Media planning; purchase and control of advertising space.
  • Supervision and management of advertising campaigns.
  • Internal organization of an advertising agency
  • Research department
  • Research of the product, company, competitors, sales analysis.


Action plan detailing the specific actions to achieve the established objectives and the established time to achieve them. Working with a 360 Marketing Agency is the solution to all your problems.


Creative department

This includes the graphic design department, art director, creative copywriter and Web Design.

Content creation department, made up of the art direction, copies or copywriters, whose mission is to write the texts and messages of the campaign, depending on the media selected by the media department.


Creation of corporate images and visual graphic elements

It takes into account the measurements, metrics and audiences of the target public to which the campaign is addressed, target, coverage area, according to the reports made by the media planners.


Media department

Media and supports through which the advertising campaign will be developed, by means of the media plan and strategy.

This is the contact between client and agency, in charge of selling, contracting and invoicing advertising and paying the contracted media.



Spanish Advertising Agency

Independent Advertising Agency

It has no structural, organisational or administrative dependence, it is owned by a company, group of companies or media.

Its main advantage is that it has total independence of action and professional criteria.


Dependent Advertising Agency

Dependent on another company to which they owe preferential commercial treatment, they are called "captive" companies.


In-house advertising department

The advertising communication department belongs to the company itself, as an internal department.

It is responsible for the creation and production of advertising messages and communication pieces, both internally and externally.


Types of advertising

Brand advertising

 Development and projection only of the brand, the philosophy and entity of the brand itself. It is a type of advertising that is developed in the long term.


Local advertising

Focuses on targeting and locating local traffic and audience, through geolocation strategies.


Direct response advertising

Seeks the immediate response of the consumer, it is usually used in mass media, TV, radio. It is usually used to promote a specific product or service.


Business-to-business advertising

Also known as B2B. Strategy focused from one business to another, aimed at companies in the same market niche, distributors or buyers of products or services within the sector.


Online advertising

Through electronic media, internet, used by digital agencies in the online environment. It usually uses strategies such as email marketing, remarketing, social ads, organic positioning.



Market research in Spanish advertising

 When we talk about market research or market research before carrying out any advertising action, we refer to market analysis based on:

  • Market or position in which the company is located.
  • Target of the objective public to which the services or objectives of the company are directed.
  • Product and form.
  • Distribution channels.
  • Consumer habits and attitudes.
  • Competitor activity.
  • Main threats and weaknesses.
  • Market research.

Marketing objectives

Marketing objectives should be measurable, realistic and time-bound.


Advertising data

Technical data, company communication policies, product, standards, budget and other communication actions.


Agency Partnership

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