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Dashboard and Business Intelligence for Business in Spain 

Dashboards as Digital Transformation

Information analysis and management is a key part of the digital transformation, a strategic process for the future of all organizations. However, on many occasions, workers do not have enough time or tools to help them make agile decisions, which means that our decisions are not made based on all the available data.

For many companies, digital transformation begins with data analysis, a tool to improve processes and optimize resources, improve customer service and develop new business models.

Enterprise Dashboard Applications

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is oriented to the past, through the reports we examine the history of the company and thus be able to understand its development.

Business Analytics

The main difference between Business Intelligence and Business Analytics is that unlike BI, Business Analytics focuses on the future, creating a predictive vision that influences strategic decision making.

Big Data

The Big Data focuses on the capture and processing of data from various sources, these being structured and unstructured to provide relevant information.

Dashboard and Business Intelligence for Business in Spain

We connect you to the data to turn it into information

Technological Project Management and Consulting in Spain

Technological Project Management 

Control the execution of the IT Project by a Project Manager.

Web Design and Ecommerce Marketing Agency in Spain

Web Design and Ecommerce

Create your website or Ecommerce and connect it with your Dropshipping provider.

Industry and Robotics Consulting Spain. Technological Consulting

Industry and Robotics Consulting

Optimize the productive processes and the connectivity of the companies.

Strategic Marketing Agency and business consulting in Spain

Strategic Marketing 

Define your Marketing and Sales strategy to achieve real objectives.

Feasibility and Location Study Consulting in Spain

Feasibility and Location Study

Does your business have the best location to achieve the best results?

Business Expansion Consuting in Spain

Business Expansion

Create new points of sale and internationalise your company to expand the boundaries of your business.

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