360 Marketing Outsourcing

It is true that not many companies have the capacity to have their own Digital Marketing department, which is essential nowadays. But... we have the solution!

360 Marketing Outsourcing

What is 360º Digital Marketing outsourcing?

Currently, due to the situation we are living, many companies have been forced to go digital, because if it were not for it, many of them would have gone bankrupt. However, despite this, there are still companies that still think that digital marketing is not necessary.

Well, we must take into account that many of the purchasing decisions are made by young people who already have a very different way of buying and above all, they move in digital environments. If you do not adapt to the environment in which your potential customer moves, you are destined to fail as a company, and today that world is the digital one.

It is also true that not many companies have the capacity to have their own marketing department. Being today necessary digital marketing tasks in any company, other solutions have emerged that allow companies to have these services without a constant investment as it would be maintaining your own department.

And that is where 360º Marketing Outsourcing comes from, from the need to hire the services of professional experts from an external marketing department and for a specific period of time for services that are not part of the main business activity.

The functions to be performed by the external department hired will depend on the needs and objectives of each company, although being 360º the agency hired covers all types of digital marketing services, although increasing traffic to the web or social networks is essential, since social networks allow the target audience to engage in conversation with your company about the services or about any incident they may have. Of course, this dialogue is necessary as it favors much and positively to the communication strategy of the company and therefore, it must be treated with total professionalism and continuity. Delegating this task to an external agency is, to say the least, a huge advantage since you will have more time to focus on other tasks.

Outsource the Marketing Department?

It is very common for B2B companies to have small marketing departments that cannot cope with all the needs of digital marketing. Therefore, they need both professional and technological support to carry out services such as Google campaigns, SEO and SEM, web design and development, content strategies for social networks, etc. This type of companies that even having a marketing department need support for certain digital marketing actions, always benefit and with successful results to put in the hands of a digital marketing agency in Outsourcing.

Which companies need 360º Outsourcing?

  • Companies that want to redesign their marketing strategy, using new formulas, tactics and marketing methodologies.
  • Companies that are "stuck" when it comes to keeping customers and attracting new ones.
  • Companies that are new to the market and need to create their brand strategy, SEO and marketing plan from scratch.
  • Companies that cannot have their own marketing department.

Main advantages of Digital Marketing Outsourcing.

In the following Marketing Outsourcing post we previously talked about the advantages of outsourcing digital marketing services, but nevertheless, it is worth highlighting 3 that we consider fundamental:

Saving time and money

Since it is very common that the marketing department itself has to deal with various tasks and outsourcing allows the internal workforce to focus on other tasks, leaving the specialty of digital marketing to professionals who have all the necessary tools and knowledge and current. This way, by saving time you also save money.


The professionals of the contracted agency are experts in different areas of marketing, therefore, they have all the updated knowledge, being a necessary support to achieve better results and profitability of all digital marketing actions carried out during the contract.

Productivity increase

Outsourcing marketing in companies increases productivity, because you can dedicate yourself to the business activity full time while the external digital marketing department is responsible for monitoring compliance with the objectives and strategies of the business.


How to work with an external department?

The steps to follow once the contract is signed, vary depending on the needs and objectives of the company, but as a general rule, first of all, the objectives and the deadline must be set. Of course, the distribution of tasks is fundamental, since each team member of both the outsourced agency and the internal team must be clear about their tasks and delivery times. It is essential to analyze the results at all times in order to optimize the campaigns and present clear reports with the data pertaining to each action previously planned. This step is very important because the company will be able to see if the external digital marketing agency is achieving the objectives set out in the initial strategy.  

For companies that have just started with their work, the strategic support of the external marketing agency is essential, since they not only work on the promotion of products but also build the brand with each marketing action that is carried out. The agency is responsible for analyzing your target audience and their needs in order to create more efficient digital marketing campaigns. For this type of companies in general, Inbound Marketing is a good idea to work it since it is basic to create a brand and attract the target to the digital channel and to be able to compete in competitive digital environments worldwide.

Inprofit. Digital Marketing Agency. How do we do it?

Outsourcing the marketing department or a part of the service to a marketing consultancy like Inprofit is a very effective and profitable option for your business. If you need to outsource or hire a marketing department. Contact us.

Published in 27/1/2021 on 360 Marketing

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